Odyssey Gathering is located at Metis Crossing, 20km South of Smoky Lake, Alberta. This is about 90 minutes North-East of Edmonton along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

Is there a camping/parking fee?

Camping/parking fees are included with the purchase of a ticket. Powered camping sites and limited LUXURY camping spaces are available as extras and will be available for purchase on the Ticket page.

Are you selling Tickets at the gate? What will they cost?

Full Weekend Passes will be sold at the gate for $200 and Saturday Passes will cost $140. This is to encourage everyone to purchase beforehand so we can allow for appropriate budgeting. The Gate accepts CASH only.

Will there be an A.T.M.?

Yes, there will. But please don't rely on the Cash Machine as they tend to run out. Please try to come prepared with everything you will need for the weekend.

Will there be showers?

There are showers on the grounds available for a small fee.

Is this a family friendly event?

Yes, kids are welcome at our festival - Youth 12 yrs & under can attend for FREE. 
Festival go-ers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with government issued documentation).

Can I bring my pets?

No. To ensure that the grounds are preserved and for the benefit of the pet as well as the attendees, we will not be allowing pets on the land.

Will I be able to leave all of my garbage, things I don't want, and my kitchen sink there?

No. We live by a Leave No Trace policy. If you bring it in, please bring it out. You can take your garbage with you, you can eat it if you like, but you can't leave it here.

When Should I arrive? 

You can arrive by (12) Noon on Friday, June 1st, and the grounds must be cleared by (12) Noon on Monday, June 4th to ensure that attendees have plenty of time to rest before driving safely home. We also really love clean up volunteers! ;)

Can I bring booze?

No. And no glass bottles. For real, we will take them away. At any time. Forkeepsies. We must officially insist, for legal reasons, that you NOT bring alcohol. If we see you drinking it, we have to confiscate it.

How much is re-entry?

Re-entry is $15. If you are driving out, we will spot check you to ensure everyone's safety.

Am I allowed to car/vehicle camp. what about RV's?

You may camp with your car, or RV, but you will be in a separate area than the tented camping. These are all within shouting distance.

Should I pack my Nun-chucks and/or Weapons and/or Fireworks?

No. Anyone discharging weapons or fireworks will removed from the grounds.

I'd like to offer a monetary contribution to your event, how can I do that?

Thank you! We are a volunteer run event, and we rely on the support from our community in many different ways.